Maintenance & Repair

Protect Your Investment 

Consolidated Carpet offers a complete menu of maintenance and repair services. Whether it be a comprehensive maintenance program for your entire facility or an isolated repair, Consolidated Carpet is here to help. Our expert technicians utilize only environmentally friendly solutions, and offer a full range of cleaning processes that can be custom tailored to your individual needs.

Consolidated Carpet's Ongoing Service and Maintenance Program includes:

  • Storage of Your Attic Stock: We may have extra inventory that can be stored for future repairs. By request, attic stock can be turned over so that you may store it yourself.
  • Floor Covering Maintenance Services: We can provide customized programs through our network of maintenance experts to protect your product warranties and extend the life of your floor covering investments.
  • Floor Covering Repair Services: We are available to provide ongoing repair services with the attic stock we may now be holding for you.